March 17, 2004

Today only, two entries for the price of ONE!!!

Peni and Other Pluralities
Taking non Latin words and having them use the Latin plural form just because they end in “us” can be great fun. If the plural form of “alumnus” is “alumni,” what stops “Lexus” from becoming “Lexi” and “Bus” from becoming “Bi”?

One Man’s Minute is Another Man’s Eon
Lauren was talking to me about how the end of semester is coming up so quickly. Her semester ends the first week of May, AFTER I find out whether I got accepted to any of the schools I applied to, which won’t happen for an incomprehensibly, disastrously long amount of time. Right now, the concept of knowing where I’ve been accepted or rejected reminds me of Schr?dinger’s cat in that until I open the envelope, I’m not accepted or rejected, I’m some combination of both. The decision has been made, they just haven’t enlightened me, so to me the letter is simultaneously an acceptance and rejection letter until I open it and it reverts to it’s final state.

Nah, I’m not nervous, not one bit.

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  1. hehehe, bi…

    Comment by lauren — March 21, 2004 @ 10:16 pm

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