April 9, 2004

ahhhhhhhhhh… intermission

This is just a non-edited quickie I’m throwing together as it’s been a while and a lot has been happening. No grammar checks and I’m not proof reading to see if something accidentally sounds arrogant. You peon.

My friend Mike whom I met in a Physics class when I first moved down here asked me to shoot his band at a show this Saturday. I’m actually “on the list.” The fact that it’s a REALLY small show and that it would have only cost $6 is irrelevant. I’ve never been “on the list” for anything and it feels good. I’ve been obsessed with this show, I’ve actually shot two rolls of test film to get a certain effect with my flash and I’ve invested in some mega high speed films. It actually wasn’t that expensive since I got one of my test rolls developed for free and I got a free roll of film, both of which are due to mistakes on the part of the business. Let’s hear it for Incompetent American Workers(I have a lifetime membership to the IAW)!

Santa Monica has a photo show every year and the way it works is that you submit works and then a panel of 18 judges look at all of the photos and slides and determine which ones get to hang in the show. I submitted the maximum of 5 slides as I wanted the extra credit. Three out of my five slides snuck themselves into the show. Let’s hear it for incompetent judges!

Photography is the second most fun I’ve ever had without laughing.

If you have/used to have aol in the days where everyone had dial-up, you’ll appreciate this video clip.(WARNING, rated R for profanity.)

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