April 11, 2004

I’m “the next big thing” in concert photography

I just hope some damn pictures came out right.

In the beginning I was just too timid, afraid of obstructing anyone’s view and worrying about getting too close to the gear on the side of the stage. It took me half the show to get over it and by then I’d missed a bunch of good shots. I ended up not using my flash because I was worried about disturbing the band, which I now regret. The bass player was wearing a baseball cap and so his face was just a shadow the entire show; I don’t think I got one good shot of him. I didn’t use my black and white film that I brought because I didn’t realize how short their set was going to be and I just ran out of time. I used 800 speed film for the first roll which turned out to be way too slow, the 1600 was much better on the second roll and I’m pretty sure there will at least be some usable shots from that roll, but…

I did not live up to my own expectations. Hopefully something will come out publishable. If not, at least they didn’t pay me and there will be other shows. It’s not helping that none of the labs are open because it’s Easter so I have to wait another day to determine my immediate fate as a concert photographer.

I’ll post pictures here when I get them back, like it or not.

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