April 26, 2004

three card monty

I need to do an informative speech for a class and I’m going to go with one of the following topics. If you see a topic that’s particularly interesting or remember a story I told really well I’d appreciate a nice loud “HEY, DO THAT!!” in the form of comments, emails, instant messages, or even late night phone calls.

How To Take A Good Picture
For this I’d show people how to get the most out of their low-end digital or 35mm camera, showing basic composition no-no’s and how to avoid under/over exposure and silhouetting. The advantages are I’m knowledgeable about it, it’d be fun to do, and it’s something people could actually use. The big disadvantage is I found out somebody is already planning on doing the same topic.
Talk about the advantages/disadvantages of OpenOffice.org. Explain what it is, how to obtain it, and why it’s free. The advantages are I’m passionate about it and it’s something anybody on a budget can appreciate (Unless they use pirated software). The disadvantage is that I’m probably overestimating the average person’s interest in office software.
Richard Avedon
A biography of Richard Avedon with a focus on the evolution of his work. I’d break this into three parts: The equipment he uses, his early work, and his later work. As a camera junkie I’d enjoy explaining the cameras he uses (My old Rolleiflex is almost exactly like the one he used in his early years) and I think people would be surprised by how much of his work they already know without knowing him. Also I’d get to show people pretty pictures. The big disadvantage is I wouldn’t be able to show people pretty pictures any bigger than eight by ten inches, which would be hard to see throughout the room.

Also, tomorrow I’m doing a very short “What bugs me” speech tomorrow, the leading topics for consideration being the recording industry’s use of the word “steal,” Tom Petty’s inability to sing about anything with more than one syllable, and that redhead on American Idol.

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  1. The following words can be found in the titles and sung in these excellent Tom Petty songs:
    The number of syllables are listed next to the word.
    American (4) Girl
    The Waiting – 2
    Apartment (3) Song
    Century(3) City
    Louisiana(5) Rain

    Thus, I don’t think this topic would seem informed or well thought out. Not too mention your professor might be a huge Petty fan.

    Comment by Wagnanomos — April 27, 2004 @ 1:16 pm

  2. talk about credit scores and how it’s all a big game. it’s not on your list? it should be. i bet there are a lot of people in debt in your class.

    btw, this wait is killing me. time is going way too slow. i don’t think i can wait 3 more days.

    Comment by eugene — April 27, 2004 @ 4:55 pm

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