April 29, 2004

wallet vs. gut

As I try to lose my ever so shapely figure at the same time I?m trying not to go broke, there are constant decisions between my finances and my health. Instances where either free food is being given away or I have to choose between a cheap, but fattening food and a healthy, but more expensive choice occur more often than I would expect.

This past Tuesday my will and dedication were pressed in a way that only the biblical Abraham could understand. I?m especially tapped out right now and so I?m trying to keep my spending on the down low, but at the same time I hadn?t exercised in several days due to my having the plague. When I showed up for my gym class ready to put the pedal to the metal and get back on track, I discovered a mind-bending sight: My fitness instructor sitting behind a wall of Krispy Kreme donuts and Pizza. It was my teacher?s birthday and this was to be the one day of the semester we were able to cheat, it was even her treat. On the one day I was to get back on the track to a healthier, happier me, I was being fed donuts by a fitness expert.

I resisted. Barely. And now as I look at my bank account I kick myself for it.

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