June 25, 2004

Long Live Fertile Valleys*

It’s official, I’ve got a hotel room booked for July 8th through July 11th. I’m going to Las Vegas only six days after my 21st b’day (July 2nd).

When I first started planning my trip, I really didn’t have any direction as to what I wanted to get done in Las Vegas besides the usual 21 year old fare of debauchery, so I consulted my Unofficial Guide, which I’ve used to great success on other occasions, and found a whole Vegas I didn’t even know existed. Now we’re going to see what shows we can go see for half off, I’m personally hoping that we’ll be able to see Blue Man Group(a long shot), but I’m definitely planning to see Second City‘s Las Vegas Chapter, while Lauren has her sites set on the stars. I’m not so sure as to the whole Star Trek “Experience,” but Quark’s Bar might be ok, the Hamborgers and Flaming Ribs sound questionable, but I’d definitely be up for trying one of these:

weird green drink

We ended up getting a pretty good deal on a hotel too, with a little help from the unofficial guide. We’re staying at the Imperial which is pretty close to the center of the strip, right across the street from Treasure Island. It’s a three star hotel and we managed to get it for $39 thursday night and $49 friday and Saturday night. I’m psyched since we saved $60 off of their website’s price, which was the cheapest rate to be found in that prime of a location. Hopefully it isn’t hole. I’d settle for clean room with a shower and toilet that drain.

There’s more to update but I’m lazy so here’s the condensed version: my parents sent me my birthday present already (yay parents!), Lindsey has spent a few nights on my couch in the past week because she has nowhere to stay for her internship(yippee!) , we went to see Piebald (Travis is creepy), Brian Wong is down south because he actually got his internship at Warner Brothers(you lucky bastard), Lauren’s mom is in town and sleeping on our couch (Go Liz!) and I might be going to Catalina Island for July 4th with Lauren and the band (possibly!).

*Viva Las Vegas translated into English

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