June 30, 2004

meet jack, mike’s evil twin

Sometimes it’s hard to maintain an objective perspective. I, for one, really don’t like our current President. It started with rational reasons, but my dislike for him has become irrational in the process, so much so that I was willing to interpret even the admittedly cheap shots at his administration in Michael Moore’s new movie as brilliant social commentary. I loved that movie in all it’s horrible glory, I relished the jabs at Wolfowitz, the exposure of Bush’s ties to the Bin Laden family, I almost cried tears of laughter when I learned Ashcroft lost a Senate election to a dead man. Seeing this movie with a bunch of like minded people made me feel like everyone felt the way I felt and there was no hope of this 14 year old trapped in a President’s body of ever, ever, EVER getting re-elected again.

And then I’ll read an article like this, by somebody like Jack Wheeler, and it will bring me back to this annoyingly real world.

Here are some choice quotes from Mr. Wheeler’s article:

“Bill Clinton is such a repulsive subject I never thought I would ever write about him again after he was replaced by a man of decency and integrity in the White House.”

Well, at least we’ve established Michael Moore isn’t the only biased individual in the media.

“One reason is that it’s too blindingly obvious that Mr. Clinton’s book should have been titled ‘My Lie.’ All of that stuff about Hillary being mad, making him sleep on the couch, going to marriage counselors for a year, yada yada, is all made up. They have had a pact for decades: He gets to fool around with women, and she gets to fool around with women.”

OUCH! Not even Big Mike called the President’s sexual orientation into question. Every now and then I have to re-learn the lesson that for most people, politics is as much about loyalty as it is about “the issues”. It’s kinda like sports, just because the Warriors are having a bad millenium doesn’t mean I’m going to start rooting for the Kings, and even if the Kings made it to the Finals I wouldn’t stop informing people of how much they sucked.

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