June 13, 2004

pomp and circumstance should be cartoon squirrels

I went to my sister’s graduation and heard a couple of choice quotes in the valedictorian speeches:

“By my Sophomore year I had realized that I was a dork. The only time I ever cut class was to show up early for another class.”
-Some Valedictorian guy

Another person’s speech was this big metaphor on how life was like driving a car, which nobody was paying attention to as it wasn’t their kid, until she said:

“Shift Happens.”
-Some Valedictorian girl

That was a good one. All of a sudden the entire crowd was murmuring “What’d she say?” and “She did NOT say what I think she said.”

After picking Eugene up from the BART station in Fremont, we ended up leaving for Los Angeles at about 9pm. We had dinner at the In ‘n Out in Kettleman City just after midnight. We weren’t too tired yet, but there was a group of locals there that must have been not only tired, but famished, all of their eyes were bloodshot and they were putting away double doubles like hamburgers were a seasonal delicacy.

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  1. remember the crazy psycho in the bathroom? i thought i was going down like a drunk chick in a horror flick.

    Comment by eugene — June 15, 2004 @ 8:28 pm

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