June 1, 2004

where have all the posts gone?

The number of posts has diminished lately as all my creativity has been sucked dry by both my photography classes and my speech class. I?ve been coming up with tons of ideas but since I?m taking Speech and Photography they’re all going into these classes as opposed to on my web page. And now… well, I’m out of ideas. I need to do a one minute “Special Occasion” speech today and even though it should be a really easy topic, I’m drawing a complete blank.

I was hoping this would lead to something interesting and cause a burst of creativity which would result in my speech not so much being written as much as escaping from my fingers, leaving a trail of broken pencils and wadded up paper in it’s wake,…. but it’s not panning out. I better get to work…

Like he said:

“I get all my ideas from a mail order company in Indianapolis. Although I’m not prepared to give you their name.”

“It’s funny when you’ve got to sit down and write something that’s funny you think “Oh God…” That terrible need to be funny all the time. And when you’ve got to do something serious “Now hang on, wouldn’t it be funny if we did this…” I remember my history master at high school used to send back my essays saying “Adams please, more facts and less jokes.””

-Douglas Adams, from here.

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