July 17, 2004

PINK SINKS? i’m in.

I just got back from a quick one day trip to check out what will hopefully be the shared apartment of former dormie Joel and myself come September 1st. The pictures that inspired the trip can be seen in full here. The one feature that made me realize this apartment was to be my future home can only be appreciated when seen:

Pink Sink

Besides the pink sink, the rent is cheap enough that I can have my own room, and it’s within walking distance to campus. Now I just need to sit back and hope that nothing goes wrong with our rental applications.

As to whether Joel and I will be good apartment-mates only time will tell, but I think this is a good beginning:

Me: Are you interested in getting broadband internet? I can do without cable and phones (assuming my cell phone will work fine), but internet I’d like to have.
Joel: I’d die without the internet
Joel: does that work for you?


I just realized today that the houseboat trip I’d been planning on going on with my Uncle & Aunt has a conflict and I’m pretty bummed out about it. I could have planned around it if I’d been paying attention a week ago, but I was too focused on my Vegas trip at the time and now it’s too late to get this Saturday off. I’m getting this uneasy feeling that I’m becoming the “unreliable” relative. You know the one I’m talking about; The one who is always supposed to arrive at a certain time but “you know how he is.”

I need to get my act together.

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  1. Ha, I thought my appartment was the only one with a pink sink. All the appartment managers must get together and install pink sinks as a joke or something.

    Comment by Byro — July 21, 2004 @ 6:27 pm

  2. Byro, you don’t happen to live on Boysen, do you?

    Comment by Red/Brian — July 22, 2004 @ 8:33 pm

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