September 8, 2004

everyday conversation

Two couples standing in line at staples today ended up arguing over politics. Here’s a paraphrased version of that conversation:

Couple #1 walks up to counter with 30 packs of double A batteries.
Cashier: May I ask why you’re buying so many batteries?
Couple #1: We’re buying them for the troops in Iraq. It’s through this really cool program where troops post items they need/want, and then you go down to your local Democrat office (there is such a thing?) where they have a drop box for it.
Cashier: cool!

Couple #2 walks up to the counter
Man from Couple #2: I’ve got two words for you: Vote Republican. Democrats kill babies.

And it’s true. We do.

Every time a group of Democrats get together, it’s to discuss the killing of babies. We have snipers stationed outside of nurseries at all times, and the democratic convention is just a big baby killing get-together. It’s really what the party is based around. That and killing puppies.

Democrats hate puppies.

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  1. More power to the single-issue voters… the lazy, unthoughtful morons.

    I’m a politically-liberal Christian, and proud of it.

    And yes, I hate puppies.

    Comment by Forrest — October 5, 2004 @ 1:40 am

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