October 31, 2004

proof reading is for the weak

Blech, head cold + coughing equals Blech.

Creativity, motivation, and the urge to show up for class, gym, or work all are severely lacking. Hoping a freak power outage or scary mutant turtles with the powers of many ninjas will stop classes from happening tomorrow and I will be allowed to lie in bed undisturbed and watch my favorite bad movies.

Been listening to the Toadies a lot recently, I’d forgotten they existed.

Team America : World police was funny. I wouldn’t recommend that any relatives see it. If you’re not related to me, go watch it, it’s hilarious.

A quote of the moment from Trey Parker on the difficulties of making a movie with often heady (definition #2) and egocentric marionettes:

“You could threaten to kill my family and I would not make another puppet movie. If my mother would die if I would not make another puppet movie, she’d be dead. I’m totally serious.”

I finally saw Tron a couple days ago with Byron. That movie gets a huge “wow” rating from me, this is a classic sick day movie and as a Computer Engineering major it’s absolutely hilarious. A super computer that’s smart enough that it’s on the verge of taking over the company that created it and it still ends it’s sentences with “end of line?” Bloody Brilliant. Also, how cool is Jeff Bridges? Plays rebel programmer Flynn in Tron then later goes on to play no other than “The Dude” in The Big Lebowski. What else could you ask for from an acting career?

I’m going to make some tea, read some more philosophy, and snort some Ny-Quil.

Look ma, no proof reading.

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