November 30, 2004

all your base are belong to us…

I bought a cheap mp3 player recently, and was having a bit of trouble operating it, so I decided to dive into the instruction manual that was supplied. Upon turning to the first page I discovered an abortion of english unequaled since Toaplan decided to distribute Zero Wing in the United States. It’s like somebody who didn’t know english OR the language they were translating from used google translator a couple of times, translating it back and forth between the two languages until all that was left was utter gibberish. The following is found on the first page of the instruction guide:

This machine is a new generation of digital personal stereo. It can be said to be a best works with it’s perfect sound quality, rarefied reliability and ingenious appearance. We heartily wish it could give you a transcendental enjoyment of digital age.

The powers of goodness forbid that you should ever make it to page 23, on which you will find “Important Recommendation” which describes the function of “Dream Space.”

In general, MP3 uses should be puzzled by “disclose data” who want to others see his “individual data”, he could only deletes these “privacy” while friends borrow his MP3, it could bring big trouble.
From this days onwards, the function of “dream space” solves the problem drastically.

….Which is good, because I’d been having problems with my disclose data being puzzled by MP3’s, with big trouble often resulting.

So where did it come from, you ask? According to the only information I can find on the company’s website, it came from Fort Worth, Texas.

Uh huh, yeah right. And the Megatokyo guys are from Wisconsin.

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