March 2, 2005

Lauren’s sister is getting married this Saturday, and they asked Lauren to set up a website for the pictures everyone takes with their digital cameras at the wedding. She asked Lauren to find hosting and a domain name. 1and1 has a deal where you get free hosting and a domain name of your choice for six months, so that was a no-brainer. Now she just needed to choose domain name, and she was silly enough to mention that fact to me.

And so began the search.

First were the cliche ones: – Isaac’s last name concatenated with Wedding – unfortunately pronounced ich-wedding

Then for the shotgun wedding: – They’ve been engaged too long for it to be a shotgun wedding

For the LOTR fans: – was already taken

For the cyncics: – Actually this is the only one on the page that was taken – that’s gotta hurt

The USC Fans: – My favorite serious one – The Greatest Wedding in the History of The Universe – Their band names

…the just plain weird: – Catchy, but too close to Ground Zero. – Why else would you get married? – Too bad the .com was already taken – Comic Book Guy would be proud

In the end, they went with *yawn*

I lay gold at their feet and they can’t even take the time to bend over and pick it up off the floor.

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