February 14, 2006

fear my knowledge

sooo bad for youTwo interviews today. Both for internships with the same company. This is a company that I’d very much like to work for, so I was ready, though nervous. Job interviews are strange things, you never know exactly what punches are going to be thrown and so what you’ve been training for may be nothing like what you see in the ring.


We went toe to toe for thirty minutes. My interviewer was ill, which put him at a disadvantage, but I feel I made a good impression and have a strong reference for this position. booyah.

ROUND 2. That guy with a chair came out of nowhere!

Upon discovering there was another interviewer for an equally enticing position at the same company, I went gDub style and busted in where I wasn’t invited. I gave him an ultimatum: interview me or forfeit a shiny new Intel Mac laptop.

Not surprisingly, they chose to interview me (them laptops are hard to get). Surprisingly, I felt my performance was much better during this interview. Maybe it was because the topic was more familiar, maybe it was a result of gained confidence from my earlier interview, or maybe the interviewer and myself were just on the same wavelength.

Ultimately, I think he was intrigued by the fact that I showed the drive to barge in where I wasn’t necessarily welcome to get something done.

I’m gonna go weld something.

UPDATE:  I just realized that the tshirt I’ve been wearing all day is on backwards.  If I hear back from either of these jobs I won’t wear it any other way.

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  1. Way to go after what you want! It took guts to go after that second interview. Not everyone would have done that. Good for you! The t-shirt comment was so funny, love your humor.

    Comment by K — February 15, 2006 @ 1:31 pm

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