February 25, 2006

go me

I kick ass at public speaking. I have oratory skills that would make Hitler and FDR alike let out a low, appreciative whistle and say, “That man knows how to bring it to the mic”.

I should qualify this proclamation, the two recent speeches I’ve had to make were not of any instructive value, they were more about mocking friends whom had already consumed a few alcoholic beverages. So I suppose my expertise lies more in “roasting” among drunken friends than any real talent. Regardless, it’s the one skill I have that I am completely confident about; if approached in a dark alley and met with a thug who challenged me to throw down street style, I would propose it is highly probable that I would be declared the victor.

Last night I had a chance to thank Dr. Nico at a faculty appreciation dinner. The good doctor was the first computer science professor I had at Cal Poly and is the reason I am still in this major today. I was more than willing to thank him publicly, but when they added in a free prime rib dinner, that sealed the deal.

Honestly, my favorite part of the evening was simply getting to hang out with the professor, meet his wife, and have a beer (well, he had wine, but I had beer) with the man. I asked him how he decided to get into the biz of teaching, and he replied, “I’ve wanted to do this since I was about five.”

And that is why Phillip Nico is the man.

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