April 22, 2006

on whale guts

A recent article on slashdot discusses how the original THX sound that is played before a movie (bwuuuuuuuuuuwaaaanng) was created by Andy Moorer using 20,000 lines of C code. Many comments on the article argued that this explanation was improbable and one went so far as to offer an alternative solution:

George Lucas: How’d you make that sound Andy?

Andy Moorer: We electrocuted a sperm whale.

George Lucas: God damn that sounds great.

Andy Moorer: [Giggles] I *know*

George Lucas: Thing is… we need a story that’s not going to bring those Greenpeace punks down on top of us.

Andy Moorer: I coded the sound with 20,000 lines of C?

George Lucas: Nice. Let’s go with that.

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