May 4, 2006

decisions decisions

I’ve only got seven classes left until I graduate, which should make for a 16 unit quarter and a 12 unit quarter, resulting in a March 2007 graduation. That was the plan anyway; Two of the technical electives I’ve been planning on taking won’t be offered again until Spring of 2007 (read: after March), meaning I’d have to be around at least that long if I decide I absolutely have to take those classes.

There are several possibilities here:

  1. Don’t take the Operating Systems series. I can always take other classes to fulfill graduation requirements, but this is a series that I’ve wanted to take for quite some time, and is difficult to give up.
  2. Find a job for the Fall quarter, taking the last two quarters of school in the Winter/Spring. I would get more work experience/money under my belt, but I would feel derelict in my duties as CPLUG president.
  3. Convince the Computer Science department to move the Operating Systems series to Fall/Winter. This isn’t as ridiculous as it sounds at first. I’ve already mentioned to Dr. Haungs that moving the Operating Systems 2 to Winter would increase enrollment in the Operating Systems Graduate class, and he said he’d look into it.
  4. Just stay in school all next year. I could take 12 units/quarter and still fit in two extra classes beyond what I need to graduate. There are a couple tech electives that I simply don’t have time to take that I feel I should have some experience in before I graduate with a Computer Science degree. This would give me that opportunity as well as allowing me to stay the whole year to fulfill my Presidency as the Cal Poly Linux User’s Group.

Currently I’m leaning towards either 2 or 4. Job experience and money can always be justified as I make my self a more valuable graduate heading into the workforce and allow myself to go out for sushi more often. I’ve already interviewed at CustomFlix (recently bought by Amazon) for a position in the fall with positive results. This has the advantage of being here in San Luis Obispo (close to Lauren), as well as having Amazon/Apple/Lockheed on my resume.

On the other hand, I’ve never taken a class in Graphical User Interface programming or Databases, both of which I feel I should have some experience with before I graduate. Also with Derek and I rocking the CPLUG executive board, it looks to be a fun year.

This has been bothering me recently, but after typing it all out, none of the options look particularly bad. Next year should be a good year regardless.

Go me

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  1. booyea. You might be able to extend your internship into fall (option 2), or … not… (options 1, 3-4)… Basically, I can’t help you decide, but it looks like you have a kick ass year coming up!

    Comment by Ryan — May 4, 2006 @ 8:39 pm

  2. i love that you are CPLUG president

    Comment by rachel — May 7, 2006 @ 1:30 pm

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