May 5, 2006

File->Quit, /part #cplug it’s just a week

Everyone has something that helps them procrastinate. Some students watch a lot of TV, some students (and professors) play video games, some students learn a new programming language or construct too many “sweet proofs” when they should actually be studying.

The number one thing that cripples my productivity is chat programs. It has literally gotten to the point that when I’m not logged on, there’s a slight anxiety. “How will people reach me?”, “What if somebody puts up a particularly amusing away message, and I miss it?”

I have decided to give Internet chat the chop block for a week. No logging into any instant messenger network or Internet relay chat from today at 2:44pm until next Thursday at the same time. I imagine it will make me slightly more productive, but as is usually the case, I suspect another vice will creep in to take its place. Perhaps I’ll update this thing more often…

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