May 23, 2006

jeff wears birkenstocks

I’m interviewing to be a College of Engineering Ambassador in order for a shot at a sweet polo, and was informed by one Ms. Elise that the attire would be “business casual.”

Now, there is a major disconnect between between CSC and the rest of the college of engineering with regard to the definition of business casual. Beards and ponytails are not uncommon, ties are sacrilege, and a work dress code that denies shorts is reason enough to work elsewhere in many elite circles (note: I don’t wear shorts. But I am considered “weird”).

In that context it’s not so strange that when I was told that I needed to wear business casual, I immediately panicked. “Shit,” I swore to myself, “I don’t own any Birkenstocks.”

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  1. Ha-ha. Love your sense of humor!

    Comment by Karen — May 25, 2006 @ 12:02 pm

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