May 7, 2006

significantly fewer

In general I’m not a big fan of watching graphic deaths, seeing people in pain is not my idea of a good time out. Before anybody jumps on this bandwagon, I don’t object to violence in entertainment in general, for example I enjoyed Fight Club quite a bit, the humor resulted in an ultimately redeeming cinematic experience. However, movie producers of the world must realize that if a large enough percentage of the movie is graphically violent and in no way amusing, I’m probably not going to watch it. This could potentially cost the move industry tens of dollars in the next year alone.

Normally, this wouldn’t be that big of a deal to me, as I tend to avoid such movies, but it’s been a long term goal of mine to watch the top ten movies as listed on, and quite a few of these movies are indeed graphic. I’ve seen eight eight of the top ten movies, and there is a definite tend towards graphic depictions of unsightly acts. In fact, I can confidently report that every one of these films displays one or more actions in the following four categories: Jew Killing, Mass Homicide, Anal Rape, Dismemberment. It’s a bit complicated keeping track of them all, so I’ve come up with a handy list for reference; I’ll probably print these on business-size cards for use at parties:

  • Jew Killing: The Godfather II (Hyman Roth), Schindler’s List (*cough*), Casablanca (Nazis everywhere, also I think they killed Curt Bois’ character by the end, and he’s Jewish.)
  • Mass Homicide: The Godfather I & II (There’s a reason Italians have big families), Lord of The Rings (Just because you’re born evil…), The Seven Samurai (Haven’t seen it, but I’m willing to bet there are significantly fewer than Seven Samurai by the end), Star Wars (Sucks to be on the death star or Leia’s home planet.)
  • Anal Rape: The Shawshank Redemption (The Bull Queens), Pulp Fiction (Marsellus Wallace, though he got even), Lord of the Rings (implied. Them Hobittses gets nasty at Samwise’s expense.)
  • Dismemberment: Star Wars IV & V (Lucas has a dismemberment Fetish, which he ultimately fleshed out to its furthest extent when he “Black-Knights” Anakin in Episode 3.), The Seven Samurai (Just a guess. There are swords, I predict at least one flying head before the end.)

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  1. implied anal rape in the Lord of the Rings?

    Comment by rachel — May 8, 2006 @ 12:18 pm

  2. also, the violence continues well beyond the top 10. Watching the disturbingly violent Ciudade de Dues (City of God) in portuguese with spanish subtitles was especially harrowing as I gave up after awhile and just ended up watching the images on the screen and trying to figure the plot out from there. It’s been heralded as a great international film since it came out a few years ago.
    Downsides: 1)Nine year old glibly goes on a mass, random, killing spree 2)up close and personal rape-in-the-alley-with-boyfriend-forced-to-watch-scene
    Upsides: 1)serious commentary on how poverty can twist people 2)Omar and I had JUST started dating and it was fun to cling to him and hide my face in his shoulder. there was alot of that.

    Comment by rachel — May 8, 2006 @ 12:23 pm

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