November 8, 2006

sleight of hand

Shawnymous: Why are you up so late?
Shawnymous: Do you have a project due?
Shawnymous: Are you learning more emacs legerdemain?
Shawnymous: By the way, I’m trademarking that last bit: “emacs legerdemain.”
Shawnymous: I’m *almost* inspired to write a book.
Shawnymous: I just have to learn emacs and find the time to write a book.
Shawnymous: But god dammit if that title wouldn’t sell.
Shawnymous: You’re either immobilized with laughter or not there.
Shawnymous: Probably the former.
Shawnymous: Take your time. Drink some water. Keep Hydrated.

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