November 1, 2006

from the mouths of vermin

“I worry that all of my wisdom is derived from bad analogies.”
– Quoth Ratbert

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  1. […] Scott Adams’ blog is amazing, much more so than his comic would lead you to believe. It’s witty enough that I could probably post a quote from it every day and never have it get old, which would make providing content for this blog extraordinarily easy, but would put me in a bit of a rut. So I’ve decided to leave you with one last quote from Scott Adams about his annual poll on our Weaseliest Cultural figures, then he shall never be heard from again: “The funniest part of this poll every year is not who wins, but who doesn’t. For example, it’s no big surprise that President Bush took top honors for Weaseliest Politician, given his name recognition and the unpopular war in Iraq. The funny part is that Kim Jong-il only placed sixth. “ […]

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