November 11, 2006

jaw droppin’

TextMate is quite the hot text editor. The most interesting feature is the ability to define macros with placeholders which can be tabbed between, a good (but long) demo of TextMate’s features can be seen here. My justification for resisting TextMate’s wily ways is four-fold:

  1. It’s Mac OS X only.
  2. It’s closed source
  3. It costs money.
  4. It doesn’t have a command line version.

I was excited to discover a text editor with similar functionality for Linux called Scribes, which is open source and free of cost. It too has a good (and much shorter) demo. My only remaining complaint is that it doesn’t have a command line version, which I might be able to forgive in return for intense macro goodness.

Now what would really be nice is if my current text editor of choice already had this functionality and I am simply unaware of it.

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