November 13, 2006

quote of the moment

In an article about the use of fear in political campaigns, CSM’s Jeffrey Shaffer gave this out-of-left-field example:

“A memorable example occurs in the 1951 science- fiction classic “The Day The Earth Stood Still.” Halfway through the movie, the alien Klaatu (Michael Rennie) escapes from government custody, begins mingling among the local population, and is alarmed by the growing climate of antialien hysteria.

Soon he joins a crowd gathered around his flying saucer. A reporter, eagerly so- liciting worried comments from the onlookers, extends a microphone toward Klaatu and says, “I suppose you’re just as scared as the rest of us.” Trying to change the mood, Klaatu replies, “I am fearful, when I see people substituting fear for reason….” The newsman, dismayed that Klaatu is digressing into a boring monologue, cuts him off with a quick “Thank you!” and moves on to someone else.”

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