December 30, 2006

happy new year from the donner party!

What Ryan describes as “a wonderfully fun trip” seems a lot more like an episode of the discovery channel’s I shouldn’t be alive:

10AM: Water is still warm, but not boiling. Bryan and I are post-holing around in the heavy snow trying to stay warm – neither of us can feel our toes. The stove flame is starting to flicker out. I crank the fuel up, only to realize it is already on full blast.. I turn off the stove and shake the fuel canister…. yup – frozen. My 4 season mix of propane, isobutane, and butane has become slush. Bryan’s 3 season mix is frozen solid.”

I often have similar experiences at movie theatres, that air conditioning can get chilly.

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  1. Just a day in the life. “Donner, party of 12…. 11…. 10?”

    Comment by Ryan — December 30, 2006 @ 11:50 am

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