February 3, 2007

film? film!?!

The number one way to get me interested in something is to describe, in heart-stoppingly dense detail how the technology around it works. I had already been planning on watching the Super Bowl, of course, but this article is the first thing to get me excited about it.

The article details the workings of the yellow first down line, the new super slow motion cameras, the Cablecam, and even the production trucks that will be present at the big game. It’s a downright fascinating read.

The part that surprised me the most, however, is that “NFL Films shoots, as its name suggests, on film. They value the look of 16mm film and shoot more than 25,000 ft of it, making them Kodak’s number one 16mm film stock customer.”

The volume doesn’t surprise me, but I’m as shocked that Kodak still makes film as I am that NFL films buys it. The next thing you know they’re going to be transporting players to the game in covered wagons.

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