February 24, 2007

think of the children

As Harry Potter has grown in popularity so have the cries that it is luring children into the practice of witchcraft. It seems to me that this is as likely as A Wrinkle in Time resulting in little time travelers, but it’s just a fact that a person’s popularity is proportional to the size of the target on their back. There is absolutely no way J.K. Rowling is advocating witchcraft.

Or so I thought…

Today I came across the book Everything You Know About God Is Wrong, which includes contributions from known heathens Richard Dawkins and Neil Gaiman, and I noticed that Amazon is giving you a discount when you buy this book along with Harry Potter!

Harry Dawkins

Clearly I was wrong, there is at least a strong correlation between Harry Potter and Atheism, and we all know witchcraft is a mere half-step from Atheism.

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  1. i’ve always refused to read the harry potter books; not because of the whole “witchcraft” thing (a good portion off the books i read are fantasy novels, and involve some combination of magic, demons, etc.), but because i think they’re a fad. if they’re still popular in 20 years or so, i’ll give them a go.

    Comment by Daniel — March 1, 2007 @ 6:53 pm

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