March 29, 2007

cruel, cruel world

When I registered for this recently completed Winter quarter, I chose to take a general education course which I had no interest in, mainly due to my inexplainable urge to graduate. As such, I decided to take advantage of the “credit/no credit” (CR/NC) option in the interest of putting forth as little effort as possible.

One might be surprised that it is common to hear, “I took class X CR/NC and received an A”; such a result is undesirable and so I went to great lengths to avoid it, using the following methods:

  • I did none of the reading.
  • I failed all of the quizzes (According to the syllabus, this was to be included in our participation grade, which made up a full quarter of our final grade.)
  • Studied 1 hour for the midterm and got a C- (right on track!)
  • For our 5-6 page final, I turned in a 3.5 page document which was barely spell checked.

Above and beyond the tactics listed above, the professor at least feigned dislike for me while in the classroom. It would be difficult to imagine the shock and disdain felt when I received a 92.5% in the class; I received not just an A, but a solid, highest grade I could have possibly gotten, A.

Our world is one without justice.

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  1. Dag, yo. We had something similar at Whitworth… we got to take one class a year Pass/No Credit, so long as it wasn’t a required class. If you got a 70% or above, you got credit for the class, and a P on your transcript, with no effect on your GPA. If you did worse that that, NC, no credit, etc.

    Comment by Daniel — March 29, 2007 @ 4:42 pm

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