October 16, 2003

lauren’s going to kill me for this

Being basically soaked in USC by my girlfriend and her family, it was refreshingly hilarious to run across a Bruin recount of the USC vs UCLA rivalry. Some of the better quotes include “He became frightened when I told him that ‘UCLA’ was where great-grandpa went when he died, but ‘SC’ was where big brothers who picked on their little brothers might go…” and “How could I adequately explain the concept to a seven-year old boy, even one who could read at a sophomore-at-SC level.” Funny if nothing else, read on.

scary quote of the moment

Hopefully this is not a sign of things to come, but after talking to the President today, Arnold told all of California “There is no greater ally that this golden state has in Washington than our president, my dear friend, President George W. Bush.” You can read the whole of the article here.

October 13, 2003

quote of the moment

While listening to Justin Timberlake on Saturday Night live, a voice in my living room was heard to say, “His lyrics don’t make any sense…”

To which I responded, “I think most lyrics don’t make any sense.”

The Voice: “The Beatles lyrics made sense.”

I’ll let you be the judge. The Beatles penned the lyrics to the following songs:
Glass Onion
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
Savoy Truffle
Rocky Raccoon
Yellow Submarine
Maxwell’s Silver Hammer
Octopus’ Garden
March of The Meanies

And of course

Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except Me & My Monkey

October 8, 2003

“where’s brian” you ask?

Now online is My Schedule for Fall 2003. I created this in spreadsheet program that exported the spreadsheet to html. It looks pretty ugly in IE, but at least you can tell where I should be. If you’re using another browser, it probably looks a lot better. I’ll probably post a perma-link on the right side bar.

i don’t want huge pecs

During my weightlifting class today some of the guys were trying to get me to do 5 sets of 10 bench presses at 114 lbs with them. I told them I really don’t want huge pecs, which they took to mean I’m a wuss. They kept insisting and eventually I was there doing bench presses. The following conversation took place during my third set:

Me: Come on pecs, lift!
Pecs:(in soothing voice) I’m sorry dave, I can’t do that.

So now I’m the most sore I’ve ever been from physical activity, and it’s still the same day that I lifted. I can’t even imagine what tomorrow’s going to be like. Oh well, next time you see me I’ll have HUGE PECS which I know are super sexy.

October 6, 2003

from a quizno’s commercial

Helpful tips for living in Los Angeles:
1) You need a car.
2) An electric car is not a car.
3) If you see a celebrity, don’t tell them who they are; Trust me, they already know.

October 2, 2003


Sometimes I think there is a god, and he has an overdeveloped sense of irony.

Every day after work, I would deposit the leftover pennies, nickels, and dimes from my tips in a cup by my bed. After 6 months, Lauren rolls them all so I can take them to the bank.

Total change: $42.50

Today, on the day I’m planning to go to the bank and deposit this change, I get a parking ticket.

Cost of Ticket: $47.00


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