January 14, 2004

singin tooo high

There seems to be this completely inaccurate view that bands get on the radio because they’re good. Hah.

Others imply they get on the radio because they look marketable and are willing to play ball with record companies. Perhaps this helps them close the deal, but it’s not what gets them in the door. No it’s something much more annoying….

Maybe you’ve noticed the airwaves flooded with whiny, untalented, excessively skinny people. They’ve taken over with their nasally, Woody Allen-esque voices and there’s nothing we can do about it, because it’s all of our fault.

The reason these three chord pop punk trucker hat wearing complainers are creeping through every radio station up and down the coast is the condition of our stereos. The average joe or jane doesn’t think to put any money into his/her car stereo. As a result, the only frequency that can be played well by your four and a quarter inch Hyundai brand Speakers happens to be exactly in the range that all the AFI’s and Cyndi Lauper’s of the world like to complain in. Since these high voices resonate better, it’s all we hear on the radio.

So have some compassion for the Barry Whites and Tim Armstrongs of the world and go get some six by nine’s and a subwoofer. It’s good for the music.

January 13, 2004

stupid 25,000 mile circumference

Rachel has the most depressing picture on her wall, at first I thought it was a picture of just her, which seemed odd. Upon interrogation, I was informed “I’m talking to Omar on the phone, so it’s a picture of both of us.” Omar is Rachel’s boy who lives in Honduras, which, if you’re geographically disinclined, is in Central America. Comparatively, slo and LA are in the same zip code.

Also, Rachel once again snags the quote of the moment:

“Who needs a man when you have flannel sheets?”
-Rachel G.

January 12, 2004

slo life

First day in San Luis Obispo has been everything I wanted it to be. Ping pong with Wong, saw Rachel, and made commitments to go to firestone and party tomorrow night. Good times. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get some pics to post here.

I’m quite tired considering it’s not even midnight, I guess sitting on your bum for 3 hours while stepping on something will do that to you. Anyways, off to sleep…

January 11, 2004

quote of the moment

“I just don’t understand any of it, and i’m glad i’m living in san luis obispo, where the scene kids are all art students and the radio kids don’t get along with them, and we’re pretentious pricks and i’d never play anything on lobster records on kcpr in my life.”
-Lindsey K.

I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone in slo this week.

January 10, 2004

bookstores can suck it

Today, I made my little sister promise me that she will never buy a book from a school bookstore. ever. The convenience factor is very persuasive, but you just can’t beat some of the prices that you can get with minimal research over the internet. How much did I save this semester? Let’s see…

First, let’s consider if I had bought all of my books at the cambus bookstore:
-Photography: The Concise Guide is $40.75

-Black & White Photography is $58.50

-PHP & MySQP Web Development is $49.99

-The Natural Speaker is $29.75

Total: 178.99 + 8.25% Sales Tax = $193.76

I paid:
-Photography: The Concise Guide, a new copy from half.com for $30.50, shipping and taxes included.

-Black & White Photography, a new copy from half.com for $40.62, shipping and taxes included.

-PHP & MySQP Web Development from WalMart for $31.80, shipping and taxes included.

-The Natural Speaker, a new copy from half.com for $22.78, shipping and taxes included.

My total: $125.7
Amount Saved: 193.76 – 125.7 = $68.06

Which isn’t too bad for doing things the lazy way.

January 9, 2004

my grandma has a higher completion percentage than Jason White

My parents sent me a piece of newspaper with a quote from Jay Leno:

“Due to increased terror level, security has been stepped up at the Sugar Bowl. Officials will be looking to stop anyone who doesn’t belong. USC turned in Oklahoma.”
-Jay Leno

go dad!

For reference: I’m “red/green” and “Randy” is my Dad.

(08:54:58) red/green: Lauren says she wants a bookshelf
(08:55:05) red/green: and if you could crank one out that’d be great
(08:55:11) red/green: now she says NOOOOOO
(08:55:16) red/green: I was just KIDDING

(08:55:18) Randy: What kind of bookshelf?

(08:55:34) red/green: a larger bookshelf
(08:55:44) red/green: with like 4-5 shelves

(08:55:54) Randy: How tall?

(08:56:16) red/green: six feet tall

(08:56:52) Randy: How deep of shelves?

(08:57:26) red/green: a foot-foot 1/2? It’s actually to hold books

(08:58:01) Randy: How urgently does she need it?

(08:58:06) red/green: not at all
(08:58:20) red/green: we would have got one at the auction if it was cheap
(08:58:26) red/green: and if we had something to move it with

(08:58:48) Randy: OK, I’ll put it on my to do list. I have a couple of projects ahead of it though.

Man, I shoulda asked for a motorcycle instead.

January 8, 2004

quote of the moment

“I’m too hot for the hot tub, too cool for the pool.”
-Laruen Reierson

true, true…

“…if I can sell tickets to my movies like “Red Sonja” or “Last Action Hero,” you know I can sell just about anything.”
-from Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s speech

this is why I go to college

In reference to why all the tech jobs are being outsourced to countries like india, china, and the like:

“The problem is not a lack of highly educated workers, the problem is a lack of highly educated workers willing to work for the minimum wage or lower in the U.S.”
-Scott Kirwin, founder of Information Technology Professionals Association of America

The new american dream: Go into severe debt in college only to get a job that pays less than minimum wage. excellent…

January 7, 2004

born. eat. shag. die.

In honor of The Mayfly Project and because I’m behind on my blogging I will summarize some of my more interesting past days in EXACTLY 20 words per day.

NOTE: The standard picture to word value ratio of 1000:1 shall be ignored. One photograph is equal to a single word for the duration of this post.

January 2nd:
BYE LIZ! Work sucks but at least they pay. Chad and Crystal! LA International Auto show. Ugliest Car EVER:

ugly dodge

January 3rd:
Tijuana! First time in ANOTHER COUNTRY. Fish tacos and margaritas. They know my nickname! Last glass I’ll ever need:

waaaay cool glass

January 6th:
Auction. People are nuts! $12.50 for a trash can, $5 for a box of vintage vinyl. My prizes:

Canon AE-1 Camera

Canon T90 'Tank'

And now you’re pretty much up to date. Though I should mention I got the cameras for $55 and $50 respectively, and though the T90 doesn’t work, the lens fits the other camera just fine.

January 6, 2004

not been doing much

Once in a while you’re involved in a project so dauntingly large that starting it would just be a depressing realization of how much work there really is to do…

So you procrastinate.

This is the current state of my blog. I’ve done so much in the past several days that I don’t know where to even start putting it all down. I intend to remedy this situation very soon.

Just not now…

January 5, 2004

the rose bowl

January 1st was the most unhealthy day of my life. The first thing I ate was a krispy kreme donut and the last thing I ate was a bacon wrapped hot dog. In between those two meals it was not much better, many peanuts gave the shells off their back to keep me happy.

The rose bowl parade was impressive, but way too early in the morning. The high point was seeing the Stealth Bomber do a fly by. The six year old in me fainted as the excitement was too much. I also got to see the Cal Poly float for the first time. If you don’t know, half of the float is built in Pamona and half is built in San Luis Obispo. It’s pretty obvious where it splits:

Cal Poly Float

As for the game? Well, just another USC dominated event. They ended up winning 28-14, but that doesn’t reflect that in the middle of the third they were up 21-0. With this win USC gained a portion of the National title and I went home happy.

January 1, 2004


My new years resolution is 1280×1024.

in honor of the rose bowl

In honor of the pure testosterone driven battle that is football, I give you this quote from the man with quite possibly the highest levels of testosterone and the smallest amount of compassion in the history of the world.

“Man’s greatest joy is to slay his enemy, plunder his riches, ride his steeds, see the tears of his loved ones and embrace his women.”
–Genghis Khan

…and go USC!

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